Wet Rotor Pump

Wet Rotor Pump

July 16, 2012

Little Giant

Irrigation Pumps

Franklin Electric has developed a broad line of Little Giant pumps on the market and has introduced our new wet rotor, water feature pump. Engineered with rugged construction, without mechanical seals, or the use of oil, this pump can withstand the rigors of decorative water features. Designed with multi-purpose flexibility built into the pump, the wet rotor pump can be installed submersed or externally, vertically or horizontally.

The rotor is created with NPT threads and SPIG fittings built in and includes a securely attached pre-filter. Initially, the pumps will be available in flows ranging from 1,200 to 7,300 gallons per hour satisfying most applications while only using 157-660 watts and achieving heights of 29 ft. in a compact footprint. Other features include a rope and cable loop for deep installation retrieval and modular add-on screen abilities, increasing pre-filtration.