Rain Bird TBOS-II

Rain Bird TBOS-II

April 16, 2013

Rain Bird

Irrigation Controllers

Rain Bird’s TBOS-II is an updated, feature-packed version of the company’s original TBOS battery-operated controller.

Rain Bird’s TBOS-II consists of a redesigned handheld field transmitter with a Spanish language option and a battery-operated controller in one-, two-, four- and six-station models. While the original TBOS offered basic commercial control features, the TBOS-II adds a number of valuable new features to the mix.

Advanced programming allows professionals to maximize water efficiency and create highly-specific programs that reduce the number of ongoing trips and scheduling adjustments. “Seasonal Adjust” saves both time and water by automatically adjusting station run times each month.

The “Contractor Default” program allows contractors to create a customized default program that can be automatically restored at any time. “Program Templates” help contractors and irrigation managers create watering schedules that can be easily transferred to new controllers as they’re installed.

Two automatic tests – “Review All Programs” and “Test All Valves” – make it simple to determine if the system is programmed and wired correctly, while the “Naming Stations” feature allows for easy identification of valves and their functions. For those stations that need extra water pressure, “Master Valve” provides extra support for stations that require a backup to minimize water leaks or need extra water pressure.