30-Second Planter

30-Second Planter

November 23, 2009

Proven Winners

Pots & Planters

The 30-Second Planter was first test-marketed by Proven Winners’ propagator Four Star Greenhouse as Pop, Drop and Growin 2008. It had such a strong sell-through the first year that Proven Winners knew it would be a great home-run product.

No gloves or garden tools are needed. Consumers just feel a container with soil, remove the bottom of the planter and drop it into the container.

The 30-Second Planter is a unique patented product from Proven Winners that allows consumers to easily remove the bottom of a biodegradable fiber container and then place it directly into a decorative container filled with soil – no digging necessary. The fiber container contains Proven Winners plants in various combinations and, once the bottom is removed, it is then placed – or easily dropped – on top of the solid surface of the consumer’s final container. The plant’s roots then grow directly into the soil of the finished container - creating a quick, beautiful container garden.

The 30-Second Planter is also simple for growers and retailers. It is available as a complete kit, which includes the exact number of plants needed, the biodegradable fiber containers with an attached pull-tabs to remove the bottom, tags, point of purchase materials and sign holders.