RPS Select

RPS Select

March 14, 2017

K-Rain Mfg. Corp.


Contractors can use this rotor in almost every landscape situation without the need to change nozzles. Four built-in selectable nozzles match arc settings  90, 180, 270 and 360 degrees and everything in between. Contractors can set spray pattern and nozzle right in their trucks.

The RPS Select is great for new installs and service calls. Leave the nozzle trees behind. Easily find the correct arc setting as well as the perfect water flow with just a turn of a key. Clearly marked adjustments on the head make installations and service calls a breeze, wet or dry.

Contractors can provide their clients with the greenest lawns with automatic matched precipitation.

Using matched precipitation can save home owners up to 30 percent of  irrigation water, and if they are using city water this is a savings on their bills.