Compost Tea Sprayer

Compost Tea Sprayer

January 20, 2011

Turbo Technologies
Sprayers Skid Mounted

Turbo Turf’s Compost Tea Sprayers are designed from the ground up to be ideal for applying Compost Tea. They are available in 50 gallon, 100 gallon, 200 gallon and 300 gallon.  Other sizes on request.  Turbo Turf uses a centrifugal pump and the oversized plumbing allows far more control of pressure than other sprayers. Turbo Turf’s Compost Tea Sprayers  are plumbed to be SELF FILLING.   A second pump is not required to fill the sprayer from a brewer.   They come with an oversized filter.   Should your tea have a lot of solids that do clog the filter, the screen may be removed without affecting the unit.  The centrifugal pump is excellent at dealing with the solids that are in Compost Tea. 

The Turbo Turf Compost Tea sprayers come with 300’ of  200 PSI rubber hose and a gun that has two nozzle options. The Spraying systems Lawn Gun is equipped standard with a multi hole nozzle that allows you to apply the compost tea gently in a rain type application.   There is also an extension provided with a TKSS30 Stainless Steel nozzle provided with the unit that gives you the choice of an application that is perfect for you.

The Turbo Turf Compost Tea Sprayer comes standard with a Honda 5.5 HP recoil start engine and a manual hose reel. An electric rewind hose reel and Honda 5.5 H.P. “electric” start engine is available as an option.   The electric start is recommended with the electric rewind hose reel as the electrical system will power the hose reel making it a self contained unit that does not need to use the electrical system of the transport vehicle. Without the electric start the reel would need to be hard wired to your truck.