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Stens Corp. July 1, 2013


Jasper, IN - Stens carries both Silver Streak tooth blades and OEM replacement blades for consumer and commercial applications. The complete offering currently features over 500 sizes and types of blades and with a continually expanding selection of toothed, notched and rolled air-lift blades, as well as flat and low-lift blades.
Toothed blades feature many sizes and shapes and are manufactured to produce finer clippings to leave a lawn looking manicured and clean.
Notched and rolled air-lift blades help lift the grass for a clean cut and propel the grass for an easier flow to the bagger. This type of blade is ideal for lawns with fine grass.
Flat and low-lift blades make less contact with grass clippings and keep debris low and out of the deck. These blades are ideal for dry, sandy or coastal lawns and won’t throw sand to harm the deck. Because these blades are reversible, they also give twice the blade life.

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