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FBD_KM Bed Redefiner

Turf Maintenance, Edgers, Pruning Tools Powered

STIHL June 27, 2013


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – The FBD-KM bed redefiner is the latest attachment to join the gasoline-powered STIHL KombiSystem. When combined with the STIHL 130 R KombiMotor, the durable and efficient FBD-KM bed redefiner enables professional landscapers to maintain existing mulch and flower bed edges up to seven times faster than manually with a shovel.
An affordable alternative to a dedicated bed redefiner, the STIHL FBD-KM attachment is recommended for use with the KM 130 R, STIHL’s most powerful KombiMotor, and also works well with the KM 90 R and KM 110 R. Each of these KombiMotors is part of the Caring for Nature product line that features reduced exhaust emissions and improved fuel efficiency over traditional 2-cycle engines.