Rethinking Research

June 15, 2010

Leading turf researchers talk with Pat Jones about how they’re getting creative in an era when funding is tough to come by and creativity is the norm in conducting studies. Includes interviews with Dr. Fred Yelverton, Dr. Bert McCarty and other leading scientific minds from the South who attended the Bayer Warm-Season Weed Control Symposium last month.


The value of corporate/university collaboration

June 7, 2010

GCI's Pat Jones introduces the first in a series of videos about warm season turfgrass from the Bayer Warm Season Turfgrass Symposium. Read More

Engage staff in five conversations

January 19, 2016

Author Kim Seeling Smith explains how managers can avoid the employee engagement crisis by holding five simple conversations with crew members. Read More

Keys to a successful employee training program

January 4, 2016

Need to beef up your training program? Tom Canete, Snow Magazine's 2014 Leadership Award recipient, NJLCA President, and CEO of Canete Snow Management, shares his experiences on how to best build a... Read More