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MR-16 LED Lamps


Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting June 24, 2013


SIMI VALLEY, Calif.— MR-16 LED Lamps, a new lamp concept with revolutionary, patent-pending features that offer outstanding performance even in the harshest outdoor environments.
Professionals can use MR-16 LED Lamps to upgrade existing landscape lighting installations to the energy-saving benefits of LED. Because these lamps use far less wattage than comparable halogen lamps, they save dramatic amounts of energy while also allowing for the installation of more lamps per cable and transformer. This also makes it easy to add new fixtures when converting existing lamps to MR-16 LED. These new lamps are also now available pre-installed in all of Vista’s fixtures that currently use an MR-16 Halogen Lamp.
Designed and built in the U.S.A., Vista’s MR-16 LED Lamp features innovative unitized construction, a design that seals the LED and driver in the lamp’s corrosion-resistant thermo-composite body during the molding process.
Patent-pending advanced thermal management effectively dissipates heat away from the lamp’s LED and driver, even though the fixture is sealed, contributing to a longer life of up to 35,000 hours. Consistent, warm white light and high-performance optics with beam spread options of 25, 36 and 60 degrees make MR-16 LED Lamps not just practical but attractive and precise. Available in a wide operating range from 9V to 15 V (AC/DC), MR-16 LED Lamps are also dimmable, giving clients the opportunity to further customize their outdoor lighting experience.