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Instead of wasting time laying groundcover manually, you may want to try some of these machines that will do the work for you and save you time and energy.

April 13, 2015


The pitch: The FINN BB 5-Series Bark & Mulch Blower’s lightweight design and full 5 cubic yard material hopper increases payload capacity and provides more versatile towing options.

  • Products can be applied on virtually any terrain, even in wet conditions.
  • Features a side-mounted engine with an open design and a fuel tank sized to run the machine for at least nine hours.
  • The hydraulic hose reel is stocked with 150 feet of 4-inch blower hose, although it can hold 200 feet.

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The TurfMaker 325

The pitch: The TurfMaker 325 with mechanical agitation mixes and pumps thicker wood mulch slurries associated with sod quality results.

  • Fully loaded, the TurfMaker 325 weighs less than 4,000 pounds, with a base of 47 inches wide and 77½ inches long.
  • It is a complete 325-gallon hydroseeding machine with a positive displacement pump.
  • When applying wood mulch products at moderate application rates, one full tank load will cover about 2,900 square feet, when applying at a rate of 1,500 pounds per acre.

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American Road Machinery’s TerrainProM3

The pitch: The TerrainProM3 is a material and distribution system. It has a 15-yard capacity for material.

  • With three men, the TerrainProM3 averages three yards of material per man-hour.
  • It can be used with mulch, gravel, rock, sand, salt, compost, pellets, sawdust, fertilizer, pavers, trees, etc.
  • It's available in three configurations: trailer mount, skid mount/truck and the roll off version.

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Turbo Technologies HM-500-HARV

The pitch: The HARV and HARV-E series are hydromulchers that feature a 25-hp Kohler Command Pro engine.

  • The HM-500-HARV comes standard with a 50-gallon flush tank, electric rewind hose reel and a contractor grade platform with multi position turret gun. It is available as a skid or a pull system.
  • It features a hydraulic reversible agitator, a gear pump for heavier slurries and a poly tank for fast and easy cleanup.
  • It’s also available in 750 and 1,000 gallons.

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