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When it comes to post-emergent herbicides, pick the product that works best with your program.

May 14, 2015

Spring is upon us, and that means it’s time to start thinking about post-emergent herbicides to help handle any problems your customers’ lawns may be having. Before picking one off the shelf, take a side-by-side look at these products to help make the best decision for your needs.

Bayer Celsius

The pitch: Celsius controls more than 150 weeds, including many difficult-to-control broadleaf and grassy weeds.

  • Controls weeds and grasses with a wettable granule formulation.
  • Has an application window without high temperature limitations.
  • Controls annual and perennial weeds in St. Augustine grass, Centipedegrass, Bermudagrass, Zoysiagrass and Buffalograss.

For more information: Backedbybayer.com

DOW LockUp

The pitch: LockUp specialty herbicide provides lawn care operators with post-emergence broadleaf weed control in a convenient granular formulation.

  • Labeled for use on both warm- and cool-season grasses, LockUp offers control of broadleaf weeds, including white clover, dollarweed and dandelion.
  • It provides activity at low use rates.
  • It’s available in single, two-way and three-way combinations to provide the broadest spectrum of weed control.

For more information: Dowagro.com


FMC QuickSilver

The pitch: QuickSilver is a contact herbicide that’s safe on many established cool- and warm-season grasses.

  • The addition of QuickSilver to a broadleaf spray program enhances your application by broadening the spectrum of control.
  • Responses to QuickSilver are visible within 48 hours.
  • Reduced three-way herbicide use rates when adding QuickSilver into the mix.

For more information: fmcprosolutions.com


LebanonTurf Proscape

The pitch: LebanonTurf has three Proscape products that feature pre- and post-emergent weed control.

  • With both pre- and post-emergent control, LCOs are able to combine two steps into one.
  • Controlled release of LebanonTurf’s MESA fertilizer technology.
  • Choose from three options: Proscape 19-0-6 40 percent MESA .17 Dimension/LockUp, Proscape 19-0-6 33 percent MESA .16 Dimension/Trimec or Proscape 19-0-6 33 percent MESA .145 Dimension/Confront 3.

For more information: Lebanon.com


Nufarm Last Call

The pitch: Last Call is a selective herbicide used in cool-season turf weed management.

  • It is a post-emergent product that contains a proprietary formulation of fenoxaprop, fluroxypyr and dicamba.
  • It is effective in controlling perennial weeds because the product moves to parts of the plant where it wasn’t originally applied.
  • Controls a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds including dandelions, clover and lespedeza and it can be used for the removal of bermudagrass.

For more information: Nufarm.com


Syngenta Tenacity

The pitch: Tenacity herbicide protects your turf, including newly seeded turf, from 46 weeds like crabgrass, ground ivy, clover and nimblewill.

  • Controls weeds and grasses pre-and post-emergence, and removes weeds from established and newly seeded turf.
  • Once applied, Tenacity moves throughout the weed and terminates growth within two to three weeks.
  • Soon after application, weeds stop competing with the desirable turf as photosynthesis is disrupted.

For more information: TenacityHerbicide.com

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