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How To Price Landscape & Irrigation Projects - Hard Cover

Managing Your Business $150.00

By James R. Huston

ISBN 0962852147 | Published 2003 | Hardcover | 640 pp

How to Price Landscape & Irrigation Projects is the business resource book for the landscape contractor. The book has over 600 pages and contains everything from Huston's 1994 book, Estimating for Landscape & Irrigation Contractors. This version has 27 new chapter covering the following topics:

  • Exit Strategies
  • Buying, selling and evaluating a business
  • Green industry benchmarks
  • The Six Sigma Quality Management Revolution
  • Bonuses & incentive plans
  • Company structure & growth patterns
  • Maximizing the value of your business
  • Numerous Green Industry specific scenarios for outdoor lighting, outdoor ponds, T&M pricing, tree work, fertilization, maintenance packages..........

This book is excellent for active contractors, startups and students.




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