2021 Top 100

This year’s top-performing professional snow and ice management operations in the U.S. and Canada based on Winter 2020-21 revenue.

Last season was anything but a typical winter. As a result, we received a record number of submissions for this year’s Top 100 list. Here’s a little background on how we collected the Top 100 data.

This year, as early as mid-March, notices went out to last year’s Top 100 companies to begin compiling their total winter revenue and to head to our online form to submit their numbers. At the same time, we broadcast to the rest of the snow community to total and submit their winter revenue figures.

This process remained open until early June. At the conclusion of the submission process, the numbers were tallied and ranked. Once again, we’ve chosen to present the Top 100 in revenue brackets instead of publishing winter revenue figures. This addresses privacy concerns some participants have raised with regard to sharing their actual submitted revenue figure. And for companies reporting identical revenue figures, they shared the higher ranking.

Top 100 companies in attendance were recognized during the Leadership Awards ceremony at August's 2021 Executive Summit.

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