Advertising app RADMARC launched for landscapers

Ohio resident Joshua Manley started the app to help coordinate easy, targeted advertising.

January 8, 2020

HUDSON, Ohio – Hudson resident Joshua Manley owns Stow-based e-commerce company Iron Fence Shop, which manufactures, sells and ships worldwide aluminum and wrought iron fences and gates.

From his work with numerous contractors over the last decade, Manley discovered a common need for quick, easy and targeted advertising.

“One of their pain points was their inability to send postcards and advertise to neighbors of recently completed jobs,” said Twinsburg native Manley, 39. “The idea for RADMARC just came about from working with the contractors that we deal with over the years.

“I know they’re sending postcards where they do jobs, but they get busy. Also, to send postcards you have to find addresses, get them printed and mail them out. It’s a four-hour process to send 100 postcards. The idea for the (RADMARC) app is they can do that in 30 seconds right from their phone while they’re at the jobsite. And they’re able to include a photo.”

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