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These aerators can help you provide lush, green lawns all season long.

November 18, 2020

Billy Goat’s Next Gen 25-inch PLUGR Aerator

The pitch: Reciprocating aerator offers up to 42,550 square feet of aeration per hour in a single pass and an estimated 30% or more greater return on investment versus traditional drum units for aeration productivity.

  • Variable Aeration Density (VAD), a Billy Goat exclusive, lets operators vary hole spacing from eight to 45 holes per square foot.
  • Features self-propelled rear-wheel hydro-drive and front casters for better in-ground turning.
  • Drive controls for feathering speed with fingertip control. Combined with patent-pending “EZ Lift n Drop” tine engagement/disengagement for uninterrupted aeration.

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RYAN Lawnaire ZTS Stand-On Aerator

The pitch: The RYAN Lawnaire ZTS is the machine for your tough aeration jobs.

  • With an automatic chain tensioning system, the user is always in control with a precise aeration depth stop and a hydraulic tine lift.
  • The controls and zero-turn maneuverability of the ZTS make it ideal for the rental market or lawn care professionals, requiring less time and effort to operate.
  • RYAN also offers the Spyker spreader with an exclusive mount for the Lawnaire ZTS, so the operator can aerate and spread material in one pass.

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Turfco – XT8 Riding Aerator with Drop Seeder Attachment

The pitch: Seed and aerate at the same time for increased profitability and productivity.

  • Turfco’s patent-pending design with drive chains outside the aeration area won’t clog with soil and debris – providing more time aerating and hassle-free operation.
  • Powerful 22-hp engine with cyclonic air cleaner won’t slow down when aerating – with speeds up to 7 mph the XT8 can cover over two acres in an hour.
  • Optional Drop Seeder Attachment with 2.5 cubic foot hopper lets you increase profitability without increasing time on property.

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Z Aerate Stand-On Aerator

The pitch: Aerate more than 100,000 square feet each hour with one Z Aerate Stand-on machine.

  • 40-inch floating tine head with down pressure offers ability to maneuver around obstacles during aeration.
  • Dual-pump hydraulic wheel motors deliver 8 mph maximum ground speed.
  • Patented locking front caster wheels increase hillside stability.

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