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Stand-on mowers are a compact way to get the mowing job done.

February 10, 2016

BOB-CAT QuickCat

The pitch: BOB-CAT’s first stand-on mower, the QuickCat, features a design that places the platform close to the drive axles, reducing vibration and rider fatigue.

  • The QuickCat has an 8 mph mowing speed and a 10.5 mph transport speed.
  • It features a 6.5-gallon fuel tank that’s placed low on the machine for improved balance on uneven ground.
  • The mower’s DuraDeck is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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Dixie Chopper Stryker

The pitch: Dixie Chopper’s Stryker stand-on features 48- or 54-inch deck options.

  • Features a 26 HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine.
  • The Stryker’s small footprint allows it to fit through narrow gates and takes up less trailer space.
  • Operators can flip up the operator platform to use the Stryker as a conventional walk-behind for more mowing options.

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Exmark Vantage S-Series

The pitch: Exmark has added a 60-inch version of its Vantage S-Series Propane stand-on rider.

  • The machine features a Kohler Command Pro PCV740 V-Twin EFI propane engine.
  • The automotive-style closed-loop electronic fuel injection eliminates carburetor-related issues.
  • The UltraCut Series 4 cutting deck features flow-control baffles.

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Ferris FW35CC

The pitch: The new Ferris FW35CC commercial walk-behind mower is a dual hydrostatic machine.

  • Options include 48-, 52- or 61-inch mowing decks and centralized control handlebars.
  • Dual commercial Hydro-Gear ZT-3100 transaxles with 7-inch cooling fans are standard on all models.
  • A quick-adjust handle allows the operator to change cutting heights from 1.5 to 5 inches.

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Gravely Pro-Stance

The pitch: Gravely has unveiled a redesigned series of its Pro-Stance stand-on zero-turn mowers.

  • The Pro-Stance can act as either a stand-on or walk-behind mower, depending on the operator’s preference.
  • The Pro-Stance series is offered in 36-, 48-, 52- or 60-inch deck sizes, and are available with either Kawasaki or Kohler EFI engines.
  • The unit’s foot pedal height adjustment allows operators to easily change the height of cut or feather the deck over obstacles while mowing.

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Jacobsen SZT Pro Series

The pitch: Jacobsen recently launched its SZT Pro Series stand-on mower, a flagship product of the all-new Professional Series commercial-grade mowers and utility vehicles.

  • It features a 26 HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 810cc engine and two different deck sizes: 48 and 54 inch.
  • The operator platform can be flipped up to use the SZT as a conventional walk-behind.
  • Built-in footsteps allow the operator to shift weight balance for better traction along hillsides.

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Toro GrandStand

The pitch: Toro's all-new 48-, 52- and 60-inch GrandStand stand-on mowers feature upgraded top ground speed from 8 mph to 10 mph, a 25 percent increase from the previous generation.

  • The GrandStand mowers have increased the fuel capacity from 7.8 to 10.5 gallons and a transparent fuel tank makes it easy to gauge the fuel level by sight.
  • The three models feature an integrated parking brake and the 52-inch EFI model has a power increase from 23 to 25 HP.
  • Other features include a solid drive linkage from the hand controls to the fuel pump and a repositioned engine that allows ample space for easy access to service components.

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Wright 72-inch Stander ZK

The pitch: Wright has added a 72-inch model to its line of Stander ZK mowers, giving contractors the choice of three Aero-Core deck sizes: 52, 61 and 72 inches.

  • The 72-inch Stander ZK features a mowing speed of 12.5 mph.
  • The 17.5 gallon fuel tank eliminates the need to carry extra gas.
  • The Aero-Core deck has air-tapered surfaces that eliminate clumping, and its airflow stands grass up for a uniform cut.

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