American Green Zone Alliance, STIHL launch advocacy campaign

AGZA and STIHL will work together to promote the benefits of battery powered equipment.


LOS ANGELES – American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA) announced a with STIHL to support its independent nationwide campaign promoting the benefits of battery-electric equipment in professional applications. The new effort pairscommercial grade STIHL battery tools with AGZA’s Green Zone education and certification programs for sustainable grounds maintenance.

AGZA has been advocating for and supporting the transition from gas to electric operations at schools, universities, sports facilities, golf courses, HOAs, retirement communities, hospitals, hotels, and entire cities. AGZA’s certification programs create and verify AGZA Green Zones, and educate and certify AGZA Service Professionals.

The STIHL AP line and AGZA Green Zone case studies that feature STIHL equipment can be found here:

“It is noteworthy that the clients of most of our major AGZA Green Zones over the past five years have chosen STIHL as their best opportunity to transition from gas to electric while maintaining their professional workloads and aesthetic,” said Luke Massman-Johnson, AGZA’s communications director.

AGZA will showcase the STIHL AP line, along with a select few other brands of AGZA Approved commercial-grade battery-electric equipment, in its advocacy to mayors and city councils, public works departments, sustainability organizations, and academic, municipal, and commercial crews.

“AGZA’s value and credibility depend on our voice remaining absolutely independent,” said Massman-Johnson. "We test and vet tools from all the top manufacturers ourselves, then put the best in the hands of professional crews in commercial, municipal, and academic settings. We insist on the most candid feedback from operators — both positive and negative. That's our only guide in determining which brands and tools are truly viable to replace gas machines in large-scale electric operations.”

STIHL's 36v AP line of commercial tools secured the brand’s place as AGZA Approved commercial grade battery electric equipment.

“For generations, people have trusted STIHL to help maintain the beauty of their land. Now, with the STIHL battery electric options, we are helping preserve natural beauty on a whole new level," said Roger Phelps, corporate communications manager at STIHL. “Our new relationship with AGZA will help bring additional awareness to communities and landscape professionals about the benefits of commercial-grade battery products to their businesses and the environment.”