Anne Mino

Owner, Redbud Landscaping

Anne Mino is an active member of the National Association of Landscape Professionals Women in Landscape Network (powered by Bayer) which provides a forum for industry professionals to support each other’s professional growth. The Network is free to all industry professionals.
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Are you dreaming big?

I heard the statistic that only 4.2% of all women-owned firms have revenues of $1 million or more. It got me fired up: I wanted to explore why that number isn’t bigger.

I know there are many barriers that influence the ability to achieve $1 million in revenue. I want to acknowledge those exist, and I also want us to focus on our beliefs and thoughts. We can influence our thoughts so let’s put our efforts there.

Within my circle of influence, I have five women that have achieved the $1 million-plus goal which does not match up with the statistic. I started to question why I believe it is possible and asked those around me too. I grew up in an environment that supported the belief I could do anything that I desired to do. There weren’t things that were off limits to me or gender stereotypes. I was shown that if I put in the work, I could accomplish what I set my mind to. That belief has served me well and I am grateful it was available to me.

We all have other people’s beliefs and our own judgements influencing us every moment of the day. Let’s start questioning what our beliefs are. I subscribe to the idea my thoughts generate my emotions; I take action/inaction from those emotions and create a result. I am always questioning my thoughts and looking to see if it is generating the result I want or not. I believe that we can change our results by becoming aware of what our thoughts and feelings are.

Awareness is one of the first steps in identifying our thoughts and beliefs. I know my biggest obstacle is having the open space in my schedule and brain to even be aware of what is going on. A few things that have helped me along the way is daily mediation and scheduling time to be outdoors with nothing planned and give myself space. If you are anything like me, it is a challenge to not do and just be. I acknowledge the discomfort and not let it stop me.

I ask myself questions, challenge my current thoughts, and keep asking “why” so I can get to the underlying belief. One question I use often is, if I knew I wouldn’t fail, what would I try? It helps me see where fear may be holding me back from trying. I can start to uncover what my beliefs are around fear and failure. I have the awareness, now I can change the belief if that’s what I desire.

When I am caught up in the day to day, I struggle to be aware and follow the nudges that help me discover more of my dreams and desires. For me, it’s a buzzing energetic feeling. I’m in flow, things move with ease and I lose track of time. I follow those hints to see what door it opens next for me. Tune into those feelings it will help you understand what your desires and dreams are if you aren’t sure right now.

Your dream may not be to generate a million dollars in revenue but what is your version of the million-dollar dream?

I challenge everyone to take the time and journal, talk to a friend, spouse or partner to get curious about your dreams. “I don’t know what I want” is not a useful answer. It leaves you in indecision and inaction; it keeps you safe because you aren’t going all in on what you want. Are you willing to leave your comfort zone and go for it? It’s scary and exhilarating all at once.

Women in Landscaping is a column brought to you in partnership with the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

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