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You won’t leave the 2019 Snow Show with dull information.

Like with a lot of things nowadays, there are some everyday business terms that just seem out of place in today’s modern world.

Take the phrase “trade show,” for example. Those two words conjure up images of bored conventioneers slowly proceeding up and down aisles to collect mundane product literature that, frankly, bores them to tears. In fact, their attendance is likely just an excuse to get away from the office for a few days. Viva, Las Vegas!

I don’t know of any organization or professional association that puts on “trade shows” anymore. And if they do, then they’ll be going the way of the dinosaur before too long.

Industry groups, like the Accredited Snow Contractor’s Association (ASCA), are more interested with providing its attendees with an “experience.” We fully understand your time is a precious commodity and there needs to be a return on your investment to warrant your attendance. It’s a tall order to meet, therefore the event must not only meet, but exceed expectations.

That’s why the 2019 Snow Show in Pittsburgh is an experience like none other. Let me lay a few highlights out for you.


The Snow Show has three rooms dedicated to education. Seminars, classes and panel discussions are going on concurrently. The topics address the issues you’re talking about and look to troubleshoot the problems and obstacles you’re facing heading into Winter 2019-20.

The educators are a mix of industry experts, academics and professional snow and ice contractors. These people come directly from the frontlines of our industry and they provide real-world solutions to your problems.

The courses and discussions are designed to be both interactive and hands-on. They adapt to address the relevant and relatable issues those in attendance need answers to.

“We fully understand your time is a precious commodity... the event must not only meet, but exceed expectations.”


This is the only time of year when you can, in the course of two days, earn your ASCA-C certification onsite. You will return home with your certificate. Likewise, those who are already ASCA-C can earn credit toward their recertification.

Equipment & technology.

This year’s Snow Show exhibitors aren’t simply manufacturers and industry suppliers. They’re partners in snow and ice management. Their role is to outfit you with the tools, technology, insight and expertise you need to manage winter services and mitigate risk. With a hardy handshake you enter their world, so take advantage of everything the exhibit hall experience offers.


No “trade show” offers the unprecedented opportunity to meet and talk to industry colleagues who share like-minded goals and objectives.

Are you a relative newcomer to the industry? Your fellow contractors in attendance will welcome you with open arms. An industry veteran? No worries. There more than enough professionals with a few years under their belts to celebrate, commiserate, and converse about the topics and challenges that are uniquely yours at this point in your career.

So, if you’re not yet registered that attend the 2019 Snow Show, there’s still time. It’s not until the 30th and 31st of this month. Simple enter into your browser and join the Snow Show experience. And if you’re within a few hours of downtown Pittsburgh, onsite registration is also available.

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