Association News: May 1999

Departments - Industry News

November 23, 1999

An Operating Cost Study for the landscape industry is available from the American Nursery & Landscape Association. The study evaluates landscape firms’ financial performance and provides insight into factors affecting profits, expenditures and budgets. The guide is published jointly by the ANLA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America. For more information, call: 202/789-2900.

In an effort to increase support of state and international groups, the Irrigation Association is planning to partner with organizations representing the irrigation industry. The IA will communicate with affiliated organizations through quarterly conference calls and newsletters. For more information, call: 703/573-3551.

The Pennsylvania Turfgrass Council awarded scholarships to students majoring in the four-year turfgrass management program at Penn State. The seven $2,000 scholarships were chosen based on high academic achievements in turfgrass management. The recipients include: Brian Bachman, Ryan Davidheiser, John Kaminski, Reid Mitchell, Bradley Park, Heather Shoener and Darryl Sparta.

The Nevada Landscape Association presented its trophy awards to craftsmen who produce outstanding landscapes. The companies honored include: Absolute Landscape Management, Envirotech, and Richmond Breen & Associates. Individuals awarded include: Paul Flint of Lawns, Etc., Deb Schoenberg of Schoenberg Design Associates and Steve Packer of Moana Nursery.

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