Control Solutions in Texas donates to Project EverGreen

The $10,000 contribution will help fund GreenCare for Communities projects.


CLEVELAND – Control Solutions, a Pasadena, Texas-based supplier, has committed $10,000 to help Project EverGreen expand and diversify a nationwide initiative that has restored more than 1 million sq. feet of healthy turf and green spaces in urban areas across the United States.

“CSI is proud to support Project EverGreen and the vital role that their organization plays in communities around the country,” said Ty Ferraro, marketing director for CSI. “We look forward to developing this partnership and helping to enhance green spaces in urban centers nationwide.”

The contribution will be used to support logistical, promotional and project-specific resources required to plan and deliver GreenCare for Communities projects. In 2021, Project EverGreen and its partners have major renovation projects scheduled in Cleveland, Detroit and New York City; and several collaborative projects in the planning stages. 

Research has shown a correlation between green spaces, improved air quality and carbon sequestration; reduced heat buildup and lower cooling costs. Access to green spaces has also shown to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, improve attention levels and reduce feelings of fear and anger in both adults and children. They also foster closer-knit communities and improve the overall well-being of residents.

“Parks play a vital role in the health and well-being of youth and adults alike; a fact never more evident than during the quarantining and social distancing we experienced the last 12 months. Connecting people to their parks enhances social well-being, relationships, safety and environmental health,” said Cindy Code, executive director of Project EverGreen. “With CSI’s generous donation, we can expand our GreenCare for Communities initiative to more urban centers.”