Coxreels unveils safety hose reels

Coxreels unveils safety hose reels

The High-Visibility Safety Hose Reels have increased hose flexibility and better low temperature behavior.

November 17, 2020

Safety is always a consideration in business. Slips, trips and falls constitute the majority of general industry accidents, which cause 15% of all accidental deaths.

Coxreels is excited to announce the new addition to its safety line – the High-Visibility Safety Hose Reels. 

When not in use, the hose and cable is safely retracted on the Coxreels reel but when in use the hose can become a hazard. With the addition of high visibility hose to your hose reel, awareness and visibility are increased to create the safest environment possible.

Featured on P, SH, and T series, Hi-Vis hose is hybrid bright yellow hose with a white glossy stripe available in ⅜” and ½”. Hybrid hoses (PVC + Rubber blend) offer similar performance to rubber with the weight of PVC, combining positive features of both hose types. They have increased hose flexibility and better low temperature behavior while maintaining strength and toughness. With enhanced kink resistance and reduced coil memory, they lay flat for a reduced trip hazard potential. Hybrid hoses also feature a less sticky jacket surface than PVC for better stacking performance and an improved non-marring quality. With a working pressure of 300PSI, this hose is ideal for applications involving air and water. 

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