DGP releases new ‘green’ products

DGP releases new ‘green’ products

The new eco-friendly products include a natural absorbent, a hand scrub and nontoxic cleaners.

March 18, 2020

HOUSTON – Dynamic Green Products has introduced its second generation of bio-based synthetic lubricants and solutions. 

The products will increase the lifetime efficiency of machinery, lower total maintenance costs with up to 300% longer fluid change intervals and be safer for Earth.

The DGP line of products have undergone testing internally and through third-party validation, achieving EPA Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant compliance and USDA Bio-Preferred listing. Every new DGP product will carry the Green Shield Certified logo.

“It is extremely important to us and to our customers that we ensure industry standards are met and we produce a superior product to exceed those expectations,” said Scott Porter, CEO. “We are confident the new DGP line of products are just that.”

DGP has added to their existing lubricants by offering new solutions including, a natural absorbent, a hand scrub, nontoxic cleaners and more.

Over the last three years DGP products have been sold under the NV EARTH brand in specific markets serving professional landscapers and arborists. Now, DGP is launching an entirely new line of bio-based lubricants and solutions under the brand “DGP High Performance” to approach a broader marketplace that will help with federal, state, municipal and private go-green initiatives.

We are excited about delivering these high performance, earth friendly solutions to existing and new markets,” Porter said. “We look forward to helping organizations and consumers achieve their goals of performance, safety and sustainability.”