Editor's Focus: May 1999

Departments - Business Management

November 23, 1999

"We are all faced with great opportunities brilliantly described as unsolvable problems." - John W. Gardner

The more things change, the more they stay the same, right?

There are constant refinements of techniques and equipment. New materials which promise to solve many of the old problems are introduced regularly. Educational programs and professional associations have raised standards and contributed to a widespread “professional” attitude toward this business. And, most importantly, the American homeowner continues to perceive the value of our existence.”

Sounds rather appropriate for our industry today, doesn’t it? The funny thing is, those words were first printed in May 1980, in the first-ever issue of Lawn & Landscape magazine (known as American Lawn Applicator back in those days).

In his inaugural editorial column, Steve Brown went on to identify many of the challenges confronting the contractor of the early 1980s: governmental regulations; the disappearance of valuable pesticide products; and price-sensitive customers, to name a few.

These factors combined to present difficult decisions to contractors. “Should they expand? Buy new equipment? Diversify? Must economics outweigh agronomics?”

And so was born the publication in your hands (or on your computer monitor – Steve probably didn’t anticipate that) today.

Indeed, things change and things remain the same. Steve wrote in the first issue how a seasoned lawn care contractor had lamented to him that the changing industry necessitated contractors having to work harder and smarter to succeed. That is certainly true today. Price-sensitive customers continue to resist justifiable price increases. The question of whether or not to diversify challenges thousands of contractors. And the government refuses to accept reams of scientific proof that contractors protect and beautify the environment and don’t threaten it.

I don’t think anyone realistically expects business challenges to subside entirely, but the startling similarities in the issues confronting the contractor entering the 1980s and the contractor entering the 21st century highlight a key to any businesses success – devising effective solutions to basic problems.

Problems will always lie between a business and its goal, so avoiding them can’t be the answer. Only solving them and thereby bettering your organization can your company grow stronger, more healthy and, ideally, more profitable.

More often than not, the sought-after solutions will only be found through working harder and smarter, and that’s where we come in – helping contractors work smarter.

Here’s to another great 20 years for us all.

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