First Choice, NxGen Networks partner up

The two companies will work together to provide promotion and advancement of the YETI Snow + Ice Management Platform.

July 28, 2020

VANCOUVER – First Choice Facilities of Washington, MO, has signed an agreement with NxGen Networks of Langley, British Columbia, developers of YETI Snow + Ice Management Platform. First Choice will provide support for the promotion, advancement and training of the YETI SAAS platform to snow and landscape contractors across the central U.S. and many Northeastern states. YETI has been adopted by snow contractors across Canada, the U.S. and the U.K., and is recognized as a business growth tool.

“After scouring the market for the best software—we even considered building our own—we were delighted to discover YETI, a robust platform that meets all our needs,” said Dakota Danielson, ASM, director of operations, First Choice snow division. “Our clients love getting real-time data thanks to YETI, and we are excited to offer the YETI business growth tool to our entire operation and snow management operations across 15 U.S. states.”

Over six years ago, faced with the reality that operating a snow removal fleet without an effective management system is close to impossible and with the desire to grow the business, NxGen’s snow removal leg, Cassian Commercial Services, also scoured the market for a solution without any luck. That’s why NxGen developed YETI, a platform that gives ops teams full control to react swiftly and efficiently before, during and after snow and ice events.

To complement the Langley, BC operation, First Choice will allow YETI to house a support team operating out of its new, 2,500 square-foot education center in Washington, MO, allowing YETI to develop new business, provide user support and best industry standards training and collaborate with the First Choice team on advancing the software features for new applications. 

“We are excited to be working with First Choice as we roll out YETI to their internal crews and subcontractors,” said Kevin Speilman, founder of YETI and CEO of NxGen Networks. "The First Choice partnership represents a critical milestone in the growth and development of YETI. In addition to utilizing YETI Snow this upcoming season, NxGen and First Choice will be working together to introduce YETI Sun for release prior to spring 2021. This collaboration will ensure that YETI Snow/Sun continues to be built by contractors for contractors."  

Click here for a YETI Snow + Ice Management Platform System tour.