Garden Design acquires Red’s Lawn and Landscape

Red’s Lawn and Landscape provides services in Forth Worth, Texas.

January 24, 2022

Garden Design has acquired Red’s Lawn and Landscape, a provider of landscape design, installation and maintenance in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. GDI will be partnering directly with Red’s Landscape Founder and President Seth Peugh, who will continue to be actively involved with the company managing GDI’s Fort Worth operations.

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Red’s Lawn and Landscape is a commercial and residential landscape services provider in the Fort Worth market. The company provides upper-level landscape/maintenance services to DFW and surrounding areas.

GDI is excited to partner directly with Seth and the existing Red’s Landscape management team and to leverage the Company’s established operational capability and reputation to continue to grow Garden Design’s brand throughout greater DFW and Texas.

“Finding a partner like GDI who shares Red’s commitment to serving our customers and employees as well as our vision for the future was crucial for me in this process," Peugh said. "I am excited to work together with Garden Design as we embark on a long-term growth plan and to carry on the legacy of Red’s Lawn and Landscape."

"My team and I could not be more excited to work with Seth and his team. Red’s reputation for innovation and professional customer service is second to none, and the Company’s commitment to genuinely valuing its people is truly impressive," said William Davoli, CEO at GDI. "The landscape construction and maintenance space is an exciting and growing industry, and GDI’s track record of building a leading green industry services businesses makes us an excellent partner to Seth and his company.”