3 tips for marketing your landscape business

3 tips for marketing your landscape business

Bob Grover shared some big, and some little, things you can to do make your company stand out.

October 19, 2017

At the NALP Landscape Management Summit, Bob Grover, president of Pacific Landscape Management, shared with industry professionals how his company grew their marketing presence in the industry. Here are three areas to focus on when growing your marketing presence:

  1. Branding: Grover saidyour company has to be recognizable. There needs to be something that “clicks with customers when they hear your name. For Pacific Landscape Management, it’s their brand color.

    I try to find anything orange,” Grover said. “When you introduce yourself and the person says ‘oh, you’re the guy with the orange trucks,’ that’s the recognition”

    He suggests sticking with that branding in all aspects of your business, whether it be custom proposal sheets or Christmas cards.

    “Your brand is creating a feeling and solution, which can be hard to do with words,” he said.

  2. Networking: It’s important to network with your peers, but Grover said networking should serve two purposes. One is to meet new people, and the second is keep your completion at bay.

    “If I’m talking to my customer, I know that my competition isn’t,” he said. “And I always make it a point to meet the most important person in the room I’m in.”

    Other networking ventures create opportunities for self-promotion, he said. Businesses should seek out those business lists in their region, and try their best to get on them.

    “If your name is printed there, it’s free marketing,” he said.

  3. Customer recognition: Continuing to show your customers that you value them is a key part of marketing to your industry. Grover often hosts “Lunch and Learn” events to get more one-on-one time with his customers, most of which are commercial property managers.

“When you interact with your customers, that gives you credibility,” he said. If his workers end up getting dirt or a scratch on a vehicle at one of their jobs, Grover sends the client a car wash gift card. It’s a small gesture, but the customer appreciates it.