Graham Spray Equipment launches video of Maverick

The video highlights the company’s latest spray rig, which rolled out last year.

September 10, 2020

DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. –  Graham Spray Equipment, who custom builds spray units and spray rigs for lawn care professionals throughout the U.S., has launched of a video featuring the GSE Maverick spray rig.

The Maverick spray rig, which Graham rolled out last year, offers lawn care providers a better alternative to the traditional spray rig setup consisting of a heavy-duty pickup truck equipped with a spray unit.

The Maverick costs less than the traditional pickup-plus-spray unit setup while providing additional advantages:

  • A tighter turning radius for better maneuverability.
  • A 10’ by 8’ aluminum flatbed for greater storage and cargo capacity.
  • An open layout for greater ease and efficiency when working with spray equipment.

“The Maverick is perfect for start-up lawn care businesses, as well as for established operations that are looking to expand their fleets but don’t need the largest spray rigs available,” said Dave Arnett, Graham’s sales manager and video presenter.

Graham’s one-minute Maverick video focuses on the spray rig’s key advantages and is available to view from Graham’s Video Library at and on YouTube.

The Maverick is available with various options, comes with lifetime phone support and, when maintained properly, can deliver reliable service for 20 years or more.

To learn more about the GSE Maverick and other Graham spray equipment, visit or call 770-942-1617.