Greenworks rolls out newest offerings

Greenworks rolls out newest offerings

The company’s new equipment includes everything from mowers to chainsaws to UTVs.

October 22, 2021

MOORESVILLE, N.C. – Greenworks is introducing a commercial-grade robotic mower, optimow, at the GIE+EXPO Oct. 20-22 in Louisville, KY.

The optimow mower is equipped with 4G cellular connectivity and fully integrated GPS tracking, allowing operators to view its real-time location and operate from anywhere. Optimow robotic mowers can be customized for everything from scheduling to cut height and can operate on lawns with up to a 35% grade slope.

The commercial-grade optimow mowers debuting at the GIE+EXPO include four models: optimow 33, optimow 33H, optimow 66 and optimow 66H. The optimow 33 and 33H models can cut up to 1/3 acre on a full charge, while the 66 and 66H models can cut up to 2/3 acre on a full charge. The optimow 33 and 66 models have a cut height from 0.8 inches to 2.4 inches, while the 33H and 66H cut heights range from 2.4 inches to 4 inches.

All four models are virtually maintenance free, using no gas or oil; the only maintenance needed is replacing the blades.

The new commercial-grade optimow robotic mower is backed by Greenworks’ ongoing commitment to providing the performance landscape professionals need.

Additionally, Greenworks Commercial is debuting three new commercial mowers.

All three models feature dual power powerhead with dual battery draw technology to optimize the 2.0 kW brushless motor, offering maximum power throughout your cut.

Available are a 21-inch push mower (82LM21), a 21-inch self-propelled mower (82SLM21S) and a 25-inch self-propelled mower (82LM25S). All feature commercial-grade motors, wheels and bearings for unmatched longevity. Self-propelled models include the same durability in transmission and gears.

The 25-inch mower include two dual-layer 2.5 mm counter-rotating blades to maximize bagging and mulching. And both 21-inch models boast an upgraded 3.5 mm high lift blade for improved bagging, mulching and durability.

A new promotional offering is also available for the first time. A combo kit featuring the 21-inch push mower, Bluetooth battery and dual port super charger is available for $499.99, a cost savings of $249.98 over purchasing components separately.

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Plus, Greenworks Commercial is unveiling an expanded line of saws, including chainsaws, pole saws and a power cutter for tough jobs.

New 82-volt chainsaw options offer three levels of powerful performance — 18-inch versions in both 2.4 kW and 2.7 kW and a 20-inch model offering 3.4 kW of power. Featuring a simple trigger start, oversized wrap-around handle and sponge grip, these chainsaws are comfortable and easy to use. The chainsaws, model numbers 82CS24, 82CS27 and 82CS34, all feature automatic chain lubrication, weather resistant housing and steel bucking spikes.

Two new pole saws are also making their debut: the 82PS10 10-inch pole saw and the 82PS10T 10-inch telescoping pole saw. Greenworks pole saws utilize a direct drive, commercial-grade brushless motor that is 30% more efficient than gas-powered saws. Built with lightweight construction and 50-50 tip-to-motor weight balance for comfortable use, the pole saws feature a 15-degree pitch to improve cutting and a reduced effort two-step trigger system.

Greenworks’ new commercial 12” power cutter, 82PC12, can handle heavy-duty cutting of materials like concrete, masonry or pipes up to 110 mm thick. A precision aiming LED allows for more controlled results, and an oversized trigger makes it easier to use with gloves. The power cutter includes a segmented diamond blade for wet cuts.

In addition to the new saw options, Greenworks is announcing a spring combo kit promotion that includes a chainsaw, Bluetooth battery and dual port super charger at a highly discounted rate of $449.99, a savings of $399.98 over typical a la carte purchases.

Greenworks Commercial is also offering two new commercial blowers.

Available in backpack or handheld models, the new 82-volt blowers provide the performance professionals need without the smell, mess and emissions of gas. Both models feature a dual-port powerhead with dual battery draw technology, providing more power while keeping the battery cooler.

The backpack blower, model 82BA26, features a toggle turbo button that allows users to lock in turbo mode without having to hold the button down. With a runtime of up to 65 minutes and an air speed of 194 MPH, this commercial blower can tackle any job.

The handheld blower, model 82BH22, pushes air at 140 MPH and also has a maximum runtime of 65 minutes.

For the first time, Greenworks is also announcing a special combo kit promotion that provides a backpack blower, Bluetooth battery and dual port super charger in one discounted package. Get all three pieces for $599.99, a savings $478.97 over standard a la carte purchases.

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Finally, Greenworks Commercial is bringing a new lineup of commercial utility vehicles to the GIE+EXPO.

Three new UTVs offer a range of versatility and power. The largest is the CU800 model featuring a 13.8 kWh battery — an 800cc equivalent vehicle that can go up to 75 miles on a single charge and boasts a 550-pound cargo hauling capacity and 1,500-pound towing capacity. This UTV has a maximum speed of 29 MPH and ground clearance of more than 12 inches.

The CU500, a 500cc equivalent vehicle with an 8 kWh battery, has a cargo capacity of 330 pounds, a towing capacity of 1,250 pounds and can go up to 40 miles on one charge. Top speed is 27 MPH, and ground clearance is 9.7 inches.

Both the CU800 and CU500 include a spring-assisted cargo dump bed, 2,500-pound capacity winch and suspension system for a comfortable ride, even on rough terrain. Get peace of mind with a two-year vehicle warranty and a five-year (or 2,000 hours) battery warranty. Both models available in black or camouflage.

Also debuting is the new CU400W commercial work vehicle, which features a 5kW power motor that can travel up to 65 miles on one charge. This vehicle has a 550-pound cargo capacity and 500-pound towing capacity. Ground clearance of 8.5 inches and electric cargo bed lift system provide versatile utility. Suspension system provides a comfortable ride, and turf tires adapt to multiple terrains. A front hitch features electric take-off (ETO) power port.

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