Hey, Kevin…

Snow and Ice Report - Director’s Note

Through grassroots leadership, the ASCA can help bring legislative change to your snow state.

November 27, 2019

I work the ASCA booth at a number of regional and national trade shows, and while doing so I often field a variation of the following question: “Hey, Kevin. When is the ASCA coming to my state?”

What they’re referencing is the ASCA’s Model Legislation, or the Commercial Snow Removal Service Liability Limitation Act. This legislation proposes prohibiting your clients from passing on their negligence through hold-harmless agreements and indemnification clauses.

What the professional snow and ice management community may not fully realize is that it takes more than just the ASCA showing up at the state capital with legislation in hand to rally legislative support from elected officials.

In fact, the first step toward change in any state we’ve experienced legislative success starts with grassroots leadership. This is typically a small group or even a single snow contractor who take responsibility for generating the initial momentum.

Therefore, my frequent response to the “What about my state?” question is: “We’re there tomorrow, if you’re ready to take point and begin doing the really hard work.” Yes, it’s a tall order, especially if you’re already an owner or top manager.

I’ve been told my whole life that nothing good ever comes easy, and this axiom rings true when bringing legislative change to a snow state. This endeavor asks an incredible amount of time, determination and sacrifice be paid in order to realize real positive change.

So, let me end this column by asking you: “When is the ASCA coming to your state?”

If you feel you have the answer, reach out to me and, together, let’s start building momentum for real change in your state.

Kevin Gilbride is executive director of the Accredited Snow Contractors Association.