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Combat invasive species this season with products designed to fight a variety of problematic critters.

June 6, 2019


The pitch: Specifically designed for spotted lantern fly control, the product ranked most effective in two years of USDA research trials.

  • It is the only injectable dinotefuran product
  • Dinocide works four hours after injection against third- and fourth instar Spotted Lanternfly
  • It also works on other boring insects like certain beetles and mealybugs

For more info: Mauget.com

Everguard Repellents

The pitch: The deer and rabbit repellents are eco-friendly, safe and effective.

  • Long-lasting in snow with a non-offensive odor
  • Safe to use around children and pets and concentrates mix well with water
  • Scannable QR code on each bottle that offers mixing instructions, plus spray and planting techniques

For more info: Deerrepellent.com

FTX150 Mulching Tractor

The pitch: The mulcher delivers proven performance in a versatile, fuel-efficient design.

  • Clears invasive vegetation without damaging desired trees or sensitive ground
  • Mulching before chemically treating an area cuts down on how much herbicide is required
  • An aggressive 60 gpm, 5,000 psi high flow hydraulic system powers the mulcher or other optional attachments

For more info: Fecon.com