How Battery-Powered Equipment Can Keep Professionals Ahead of the Curve


In an effort to curb air pollution, California passed legislation in October 2021 banning the sale of new gas-powered equipment starting 2024.

This law defines small off-road engines (SORE) as, “spark-ignition engines rated at or below 19 kilowatts.” These engines are typically found in lawn, garden, and other outdoor power equipment. The law will require newly manufactured SORE to be zero-emissions starting in 2024, banning the sale of all gas-powered equipment with the Model Year 2024 and later.

This new law is starting in California, but it is expected to gain momentum with other states in the near future. Battery-operated equipment provides solutions that are fully compliant with emerging regulations. Milwaukee Tool is a leader in battery-powered technology with a line-up of outdoor power equipment that meets the demands of the landscape maintenance professional.

There have been major advancements in battery-powered solutions in this industry, some already at the point of being a full replacement for current gas units. By investing in battery-powered equipment now, landscape maintenance companies can get a head start on the approaching requirements. Purchasing tools from a single brand with an interchangeable battery system can lower the initial investment and in turn, drive additional long-term savings on gas and maintenance.

Although the law is an effort to curb air pollution, battery-powered equipment also brings benefits to the user, some of the biggest advantages being low noise levels and ease of use. Battery power creates substantially less noise compared to gas engines, allowing operators to start work earlier and decreases their exposure to continuous high noise levels. With a simple push-button start, battery-powered equipment eliminates the time it takes to pull start a gas engine. When using gas solutions, it is common to replace spark plugs, recoil starters, air filters, and carburetors leading to frequent engine maintenance, whereas battery-operated equipment requires no engine maintenance. Similarly, battery-powered equipment has no exhaust, so users do not have to deal with emissions blowing into their face or heat build-up on exhaust pipes, both commonly noted frustrations.

Milwaukee® currently offers a variety of outdoor power equipment on both their M12™ and M18™ battery systems that are designed to meet the needs of the professional landscaper. For example, their M18 FUEL™ 21” Self-Propelled Dual Battery Mower delivers best in class power levels and more max torque than a 200cc gas engine to tackle demanding applications without stalling.



The optimized steel deck design paired with higher blade speed allows for the mower to achieve superior airflow and increased lift to deliver the best cut quality in mulching, bagging, and side discharge applications. When removing 1” of grass at 3 MPH self-propelled pace, users can expect up to 60 minutes of run time on a full charge.

There are major advantages for landscape maintenance companies that start investing in battery-powered equipment, but not all manufacturers can give professionals the performance and capability they need. Milwaukee Tool is a leader in battery-powered technology, and understands what it takes to combine batteries, motors, and electronics to deliver disruptive innovation. Their extensive background in battery-powered technology allows them to continue providing game-changing solutions for the landscape maintenance professional.


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July 2022
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