Automower gets an AWD update

Automower gets an AWD update

Husqvarna's Automower 535 AWD can take on slopes up to 35 degrees.


CHARLOTTE – Husqvarna, a division of the world’s largest producer of outdoor power products and lawn care equipment introduced several new products designed for lawn, garden and tree care professionals. These new products were on display at this year’s GIE+EXPO in Louisville, Kentucky.

“Husqvarna has invested a lot of time and research to bring this collection of new products to life for tree care and green space professionals,” said Earl Bennett, president of Husqvarna Brand Division North America. “The All-Wheel Drive Automower, zero-turn mowers with HTE transmissions and several new, powerful battery products highlight Husqvarna innovations designed for professionals to complete their jobs more safely, efficiently and effectively.”

Automower 535 the All-Wheel Drive (AWD)

Expanding on its robotic mower category within the commercial market in 2020, Automower is available in all-wheel drive (AWD). With enhanced terrain performance, Automower 535 AWD (MSRP: $4,299; installation sold separately) can handle slopes up to 35 degrees and maintain up to 0.9 acres of turf. Automower 535 AWD features technology that optimizes the control of each individual wheel to enable superior operation in the most demanding terrain – even in rainy conditions. Commercial construction provides durability and reliability.

The Automower 535 AWD also helps keep your team safe by keeping them off dangerous and tricky slopes, while maintaining the more complex properties around the clock with ease. This not only creates a safer work environment for Green Space Professionals, but it allows them to work more efficiently by reducing the cost of lawn mowing - freeing them up to work on other tasks.  

Equipped with Husqvarna’s cloud-based Fleet Services management system, Automower 535 AWD can be integrated into a full fleet solution that allows operators to monitor and control an unlimited number of robotic units at no extra fee. The newest Automower rewrites the rules for autonomous maintenance of green spaces, improving the safety of your workforce.

Automower produces no direct emissions, delivers the same consistent results 24/7 and can work rain or shine, and even at night because it is ultra-quiet. Automower includes GPS-assisted navigation, remote object detection, control via smartphone app and a new rubber bumper design for extra protection.