Kichler announces Landscape Lighting Contractors of the Year

The national contractor of the year is Tim Salopek, while regional awards went to John Dellafiora and Mark Fontenot.

July 20, 2022

Kichler Lighting LLC announces regional and national recipients of its 2022 Landscape Lighting Contractor of Year award.  

“This award recognizes excellence in professional landscaping lighting, installation and service,” says Mark Lape, Kichler Lighting’s vice president of sales. “Our network of landscape lighting contractors is an essential part of our business, true partners. Together, we illuminate functional landscape design, elevating it into an art form for residential and light commercial projects.” 

Kichler’s 2022 Landscape Lighting National Contractor of the Year is:
• Tim Salopek, Illumination FL, South Florida 
For nearly 20 years, this contractor has understood how to help customers get better use of their outdoor spaces. With operations in Palm Beach, Boynton Beach and Ft. Myers, Florida, Illumination FL focuses on lighting that can withstand a coastal environment. To enhance their designs, Salopek and his team repeatedly turn to Kichler Lighting’s variable lumen output (VLO) fixtures and durable Centennial Brass fixtures that patina beautifully over time in the sea air. 
“A longtime partner, Illumination FL uses Kichler fixtures to create welcoming and dramatic landscape scenes that also support safety and security,” Lape says. 
The Regional Landscape Lighting Contractors of the Year recipients are:
• John Dellafiora, Pacific Lawn Sprinklers, College Point, New York
Since 1980, this family business has built strong relationships with customers and Kichler Lighting, growing its brand through personal interaction and exceptional service. With its “regionally managed but locally delivered” service program, Pacific Lawn Sprinklers provides a local “neighborhood feel” service, utilizing Kichler fixtures to create exceptional landscape lighting designs.
• Mark Fontenot, Unique Outdoor, Houston, Texas
This established lighting contractor started business in 1996 with one goal: giving Houston residents the freedom to enjoy their outdoor space at night. Since then, Unique Outdoor has gained a reputation for delivering immaculate outdoor lighting designs and superior service using Kichler Lighting’s unique landscape solutions.
“Kichler’s Landscape Lighting Contractors of the Year consistently deliver outstanding work using Kichler Lighting products,” Lape says. “We congratulate our 2022 winners and thank them for their continued partnership.”