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Today, lawn care professionals are facing more challenges than ever before. It’s not easy to grow your business when competition is tough, expenses are rising and environmental pressure is building. At Koch Turf & Ornamental, a brand supported by Koch Agronomic Services, LLC, we’re committed to helping lawn care professionals like you optimize plant and turfgrass performance while using fewer resources. With our research capabilities, processes, systems and people, we’re manufacturing high quality, innovative products that can elevate your success.

The difference is clear

Customer retention is key to the success of any lawn care business. Our enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEFs) can help in providing your residential and commercial customers with thicker, healthier, more attractive lawns that will keep them coming back, year after year.

With Koch EEFs, far less nitrogen is lost due to leaching, denitrification and volatilization compared with unamended urea. Our controlled-release fertilizers, DURATION® CR and POLYON®, feature unique polymer coatings that allow for consistent, precise nutrient release, providing plants with nutrition when they need it most. With UFLEXX® stabilized nitrogen fertilizer, nitrogen moves directly into plant root zone for immediate green-up and stays there for up to eight weeks. And the polymer-coated, sulfur-coated urea technology present in our XCU® slow-release fertilizer gradually releases nitrogen into the soil, making it available to plants over time.

After trying our Koch Turf & Ornamental EEFs, the difference becomes clear. They’re not like ordinary fertilizers. EEFs give turf the nutrients it needs more reliably, increasing its tolerance to disease, weeds and foot traffic.

Do more with less

Beautiful, healthy turf is important, but the benefits of EEFs don’t stop there. Our fertilizers are designed to help you accomplish more with less, giving you an edge over your competition.

Because plants and turf treated with EEFs take up more nitrogen, less is lost to the environment. In other words, you get more from every bag of fertilizer you buy. And, since EEFs are available in extended longevities, you don’t have to apply them as often, freeing up time and giving you the opportunity to offer additional revenue-generating services.

Ready to learn more about A Better Way to Fertilizer™? Our experienced agronomists and sales representatives are standing by, ready to create a customized plan for you. Visit www.KochTurf.com and discover how we can grow together.

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