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Koch Turf & Ornamental, a brand supported by Koch Agronomic Services, LLC, is committed to providing our customers with solutions that optimize plant and turfgrass performance while using fewer resources. We know growing a lawn care business isn’t easy due to rising costs, labor concerns and increasing environmental pressures. By combining the right research capabilities, processes, systems and people, we’re developing innovative new products designed to help lawn care professionals overcome these challenges and move their businesses forward.

Enhancing efficiency

The enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEFs) in our portfolio have been specially developed to provide distinct advantages for your residential and commercial customers, as well as your business.

Our controlled-release fertilizers, DURATION CR® and POLYON®, are polymer-coated products that consistently and precisely release nutrients based primarily on soil temperature, making nutrients available when plants need them most. By utilizing polymer-coated sulfur-coated urea technologies, XCU® slow-release fertilizer gradually releases nitrogen into the soil, extending its availability to the plant over a longer period of time. And, UFLEXX® stabilized nitrogen fertilizer helps to protect against all three forms of nitrogen loss: leaching, denitrification and volatilization, allowing more nitrogen to move into the root zone for immediate green-up and stay there longer, for up to eight weeks.

In other words, EEFs are not like conventional fertilizers. They feed turf more reliably, increasing its tolerance to weeds, disease and foot traffic.

Advantages that make a real difference

While helping your customers enjoy thicker, healthier, more attractive turf is certainly important, EEFs offer numerous other benefits as well. Lawns treated with EEFs have less flush growth, reducing unplanned mowing. That saves you money on fuel and hardscape cleaning. And, since plants take more of the available nitrogen from EEFs, far less nitrogen is lost to the environment through volatilization, denitrification, leaching and runoff.

Because EEFs are available in extended longevities, they require fewer applications, saving time and labor. As a result, you can visit more properties each day and tailor your business model to include other revenue-generating services for a positive impact on your bottom line.

Ready to get started? Visit www.KochTurf.com today and find an experienced, knowledgeable Koch Turf & Ornamental sales representative near you. We’re ready and able to help you formulate solutions that take full advantage of the EEFs in our product portfolio. By sharing what we know and listening to what you know, we can grow together.

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