LMP's Vickers earns FNGLA certification

Kelly Ann Vickers is the corporate communications and strategies manager at Landscape Maintenance Professionals.


TAMPA, Fl. Landscape Maintenance Professionals has announced that Kelly Ann Vickers, its corporate communications and strategies manager, has attained the designation of Florida Certified Horticulture Professional through the Florida Nursery, Growers, and Landscape Association. 

Vickers, who assists the organization with its goals of providing long-term career path for its employees through training and development programs, said her participation in the certification program is pivotal to the organization’s objective of positioning the landscape industry as a profession. 

“The certifications offered by FNGLA and the National Association of Landscape Professionals mirror LMP’s desire to promote the landscape industry as a viable profession for those individuals coming into the workforce and those whom are looking for a career outside of traditional fields," Vickers said.

“The landscape industry continues to be highly competitive for the acquisition and retention of clients and employees," said Scott Carlson, vice president and general manager at Landscape Maintenance Professionals, “and LMP’s continual push to improve the knowledge and skills of its team ensures that both benefit from knowledge that reflects professionalism."