LandscapeHub introduces Fulfillment Partner Program

The FPP aims to simplify the back-and-forth communication between landscape contractor and distributor.

LandscapeHub has launched the Fulfillment Partner Program (FPP), a new initiative that will give buyers a better experience and more fulfillment options when purchasing on the platform. The program surfaces the distributors’ upstream supply chain, making it visible to buyers, and thereby eliminating the often exhausting and time-consuming back-and-forth involved in quoting between landscape contractor and distributor.

“Distribution is still the most efficient channel to get product to market, but we saw a way to improve the experience at all levels of the supply chain,” says LandscapeHub Founder and CEO, Lisa Fiore. “With the launch of our new Fulfillment Partner Program, landscape contractors have more options to get the product they need, when they need it, with less risk and at lower costs.”
LandscapeHub is in the beginning stages of the program, rolling out in several large metropolitan markets to start, with more functionality and more availability to come.
“There’s a natural tendency in the market for landscape contractors to want to know who is growing the plants they are sourcing (and from where)," Fiore continued. “Our FPP program enables landscape contractors to source plants from select growers within their local distributor’s network and ships the select plant material to the distributor’s holding yard,” he says. “It’s not a model that cuts out distributors, but rather leverages the distributor’s logistics capabilities while enabling them to monetize on a new kind of transaction.”