Landscaping’s next generation

What you can do to appeal to your future workforce.

October 17, 2019

While millennials have been the focus of the “next generation” of workers, the generation that follows, iGen, are entering the work force now, too and this generation is a bit different.

Phil Allen, professor at Brigham Young University, does an exercise with his students that requires them to write about systems in their future business. The top three systems the students always focus on include culture, onboarding and mentoring and safety.

Allen says the focus on safety is likely related to the fact that there are more anxiety triggers in society today. “They see it on the news,” he says. “Smart phones are constantly showing potential for disaster.”

These generations are staying home more, are online more,

Solidify your onboarding. The future workforce puts a great emphasis on a solid onboarding process. “First impressions matter,” Allen says. Millennials and the iGen population want to have relationships with their coworkers – which includes their management. Making them feel like part of the team right off the bat will start things off on the right foot.

“You should have a lengthy set of detailed instructions so that you don’t have to be around,” he says. Everyone gets busy during certain months, but your systems shouldn’t suffer.

There’s value in culture. “Everyone has the word ‘BBQ’ in the description of their culture,” he says. “But what does that mean?” Allen says companies need to be intentional in the way they describe their culture.  He suggests picking one or two aspects of the company to focus in on