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Accuaire FlexWing Core Aerator
The pitch: Gravely Turf Offers the Accuaire FlexWing Core Aerator for optimum ground penetration over any terrain contour.
  • Available in 65- and 89-inch working widths.
  • A solid frame adds weight to aid in soil penetration and solid coring.
  • Extra wide racks are built in for additional weight.
  • Lifting and lowering the unit is easy with hydraulic assist.
Contact: www.ariens.com

BlueBird 530 Lawn Aerator
The pitch: Greater productivity, better maneuverability and a user-friendly design are just a few of the features that make BlueBird’s 530 Lawn Aerator a breeze to operate.
  • A free-wheeling tine system allows users to aerate corners and tight areas.
  • A folding handle, lift handles and semi-pneumatic front tire provide easy transport.
  • Removable side weights offer balance for easier slope aeration.
Contact: www.bluebirdintl.com

Tine-Rake dethatchers
The pitch: Tine-Rake dethatchers feature a unified raking motion that removes large amounts of thatch and surface aerates soil for better root development.
  • Triple dethatching efficiency by lifting thatch and vacuuming debris at the same time using a Grasshopper PowerVac Collection System.
  • Front-mounted 48- and 60-inch dethatchers connect directly to the deck of any Grasshopper power unit and can be lifted easily from the operator’s seat.
  • Permanent-mounting brackets can be installed in minutes.
Contact: www.grasshoppermower.com

AR 19 tine aerators
The pitch: Husqvarna’s hollow tine aerators feature free-wheeling outer tines for better maneuverability.
  • Additional side weights allow for improved soil penetration.
  • A folding operator handle, lift handles and semi-pneumatic front tire allow for easy transport and storage.
  • Rear-wheel control allows for adjustment of working depth and settings for stability.
Contact: www.husqvarna.com

Spreader cover
The pitch: Jump Start Lawncare’s see-through slide on shield fertilizer spreader cover is a durable lid that keeps fertilizer dry.
  • The cover is made out of lexan, allowing it to last longer, withstand impact, and it is not susceptible to ripping or tearing.
  • With one piece of material, the cover stays on the spreader even while filling.
  • Keeps fertilizer from getting wet and easy to wipe dry.
Contact: www.jumpstartlawncare.com

Z-Spray Line
The pitch: L.T. Rich Products Z-Spray line offers four sprayers, including Junior 36, Junior, Intermediate and Z-Max.
  • Each has a 4.0 GPM Pump, lock caster system, GPS system and stainless steel chassis.
  • The granular hopper ranges from 120 pounds to 220 pounds and the spray system ranges from 18 gallons to 50 gallons on the four models.
  • The spray width is 8 feet for the Junior 36, Junior and Intermediate, and 10 feet on the Z-Max.
Contact: www.z-spray.com

ATT 150 All Terrain Tric
The pitch: With the new ATT 150 All Terrain Tric from Mid-Atlantic Services, operators can get on the ground earlier, increasing productivity and improving results with its accurate pump system.
  • Lightweight and comes with tricycle steering, which keeps load off the ATV tow vehicle. 
  • Features a 150-gallon, low profile poly tank with high flotation 31 x 13.5 terra rib tires.
  • The John Blue ground metering pump system allows for the application of chemicals and fertilizer.
Contact: www.masspray.com

PermaGreen Triumph Sprayer Spreader
The pitch: The PermaGreen Triumph Sprayer Spreader can be used for all lawns, from postage-sized residential yards or sprawling, multi-acre commercial accounts.
  • Ride on technology with a 5.5-hp Honda horizontal shaft engine and wet clutch.
  • A low-volume spray system and a 3,000 sq. ft. per minute production speed allow the equipment to be less fatigued.
  • The sprayer spreader has a 150-pound hopper and 12-gallon spray tank.
Contact: www.permagreen.com

Hydrostatic Aerator
The pitch: The primary feature of SourceOne’s PL855 PRO HD hydrostatic drive aerator is built-in performance.
  • Features a fingertip speed-control knob and a self-propelled hydrostatic-drive system.
  • Like all Plugr reciprocating aerators, heat-treated, high-tensile-strength, computer-machined tines are driven into even hard soils with cam-action engine power instead of bulky weights.
  • Engine power instead of bulky weights moves the reciprocating tines.
  • Includes a sleek unibody construction, improved handle ergonomics and easier maintenance access.
Contact: www.sourceoneope.com

Turfco TurnAer XT5

The pitch: The TurnAer XT5 utilizes Turfco’s steerable aerator technology with a new variable-speed hydrostatic drive system.
  • Operators can steer and reverse with tines in the ground eliminating the need to stop, lift and turn with each pass.
  • Places weight directly over the tines for better penetration and smooth operation.
  • A removable tine cover provides access for changes and cleaning.
  • Sealed, self-aligning tine shaft bearings help keep maintenance to a minimum and reduce down time.
Contact: www.turfcodirect.com

US250 sprayer attachment
The pitch: TurfEx’s universal mount for zero-turn mowers allows the mounting system to stay within the mower’s footprint and is completely electric powered.
  • With a 12-volt electric motor, the sprayer draws its power from the mower’s battery.
  • The corrosion-resistant polyethylene tank holds 25 gallons and the pump is rated at 2 gallons per minute at 60 psi.
  • To apply liquid, the US250 features an adjustable spray wand, which is attached to a 25-foot hose.
Contact: www.trynexfactory.com

100 Gallon Sprayer 
The pitch: Turbo Turf’s 100 Gallon Sprayer was designed for reliability and for easy-to-use service.
  • Comes with a compact rectangular tank with an 8-inch fill well for easy loading.
  • Features an adjustable turbo gun, hose reel and mount and 300 feet of hose with a 600-psi rating.
  • There is a front-mounted-tank shutoff valve and tank drain, along with a 30-micron filter that has a convenient, easy-to-reach location.

Contact: www.turfsprayers.com