Lawn and landscape leaders set industry up for lasting success

How can you spot leaders in the lawn and landscape profession? They’re the ones who listen to customers and teams to create value, and those with businesses that push the industry toward innovation. These individuals who lead by example keep our industry climbing, and their vision and determination are essential for industry advancement.

Syngenta and Lawn & Landscape are dedicated to recognizing professionals in the lawn and landscape industry who keep us moving forward. For 16 years, the Lawn & Landscape Leadership Awards have honored individuals who step up to guide others toward empowerment, opportunity and growth. Syngenta is proud to sponsor the 2016 Lawn & Landscape Leadership Awards because we value those willing to work hard to shape our industry’s future.

When faced with a challenge, industry leaders seek the point where preparation and opportunity meet, transforming boundaries into success. Syngenta is fueled by this drive, and we are committed to supporting your business with a variety of products and tools to help you prepare for success in a variety of conditions. Our annual program, GreenTrust 365, offers the opportunity for yearlong rebates to help maximize your business’s purchasing power. Additionally, our complimentary customer-facing brochures can help set your business apart by extending easy-to-read resources to your clientele for informed, confident decision-making. To order these customizable brochures, please visit

Syngenta is inspired by the recipients of the 2016 Lawn & Landscape Leadership Awards; their dedication to lead the industry forward drives our passion to develop solutions that make a difference. As former President John Quincy Adams said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

“When faced with a challenge, industry leaders seek the point where preparation and opportunity meet, transforming boundaries into success.”

Congratulations to this year’s recipients. We appreciate the vision and expertise you bring to the lawn and landscape profession, and we look forward to growing beside leaders like you in the years to come.

For more information on the resources available for your business, please visit

Stephanie Schwenke

Turf Market Manager

Syngenta Lawn and Garden

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