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June 16, 2011

RoofStone roof pavers
The pitch: RoofStone is an accessory for walkways and patios integrated into LiveRoof installations.

  • Pavers measure one foot wide x two feet long x four inches tall.
  • The pavers feature built-in pedestals with water channels, so no separate pedestal system is required.
  • The surface is concrete with recycled content varying by color.
  • Available in six colors: Sage, Light Reflective, Mocha, Charcoal, Beach Sand and Red Brick.
  • The top edges are beveled to prevent chipping.


Tenacity herbicide
The pitch: Lawn care operators now have a new tool for pre- and post-emergence weed control on cool-season turfgrasses such as tall fescue, perennial ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass.

  • Can be used at seeding, including bare-ground renovation seeding, or selective overseeding.
  • Keeps weeds from germinating and allows new grass to flourish.
  • The active ingredient mesotrione controls more than 40 broadleaf weeds and undesired grasses and sedge, including nimblewill, crabgrass, bentgrass and nutsedge.


The pitch: DRiWATER Plus has a new water gel technology that allows you to water plants while increasing root growth and decreasing transplant shock.

  • 98 percent water and 2 percent binders and nutrients.
  • Incorporates zinc and acetic acid due to their known abilities to increase root mass and root structure, as well as decreasing shock from transplanting.
  • Will allow trees to establish in shorter periods of time. 
  • The enhancement of root development of over 280 percent in 30 days will create higher survival rates in project plantings.


Bobcat T770 compact track loader
The pitch: The Bobcat T770 gives you more digging force, more pushing power and more lifting capacity to keep moving in bad weather and less-than-ideal ground conditions.

  • 92-hp engine
  • 3,475 lbs. rated operating capacity (ROC)
  • Up to 11 feet of vertical lift and added reach.
  • The optional pressurized cab provides a cleaner and 60 percent quieter work environment.


Sno Blade attachments
The pitch: Featuring independently adjustable wings, the attachments add versatility to the company’s existing line of Sno Pusher containment plows.

  • Comes with a universal coupler for attaching to skid-steers, as well as a rear mount option for compact tractors.
  • The AB07S includes a 7.5-foot-wide moldboard, and the AB09S comes with a 9-foot-wide moldboard.
  • Comes with 1-foot-wide, multi-positional wings, which can be manually adjusted to nine different positions.


Enhanced Telogis Route
The pitch: Telogis has enhanced its Telogis Route multi-vehicle route planning, optimization and scheduling system with new advanced business analysis tools.

  • These tools build routes that consider driver schedules, customer delivery windows and customer preferences.
  • Checks integrated systems for inconsistencies in data that could create routing problems.
  • Allows companies to compare the quantitative metrics of various route scenarios and make business decisions based on the data.


Landscape Adhesive

The pitch: Whether you’re working with pavers or treated lumber, brick, cement or decorative stone, Seal Bond’s environmentally friendly Landscape Adhesive will fit your different design needs.

  • Doesn’t contain any solvents or isocyanates.
  • Qualifies for LEED E.Q. Credit 4.1 - low emitting materials.
  • Wide service temperature ranges from -40 degrees to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Bonds to most substrates: treated wood, brick, blocks, pavers, wood, cement and composite decking.


Compact telescopic handler
The pitch: Manitou’s MLT 625 is a low-profile, compact telescopic handler.

  • Has a maximum lift height of 19 feet and 3 inches (5,867 mm) and a maximum lift capacity of 5,500 lbs. (2,495 kg). 
  • Able to gain access into low overhead buildings, garages and barns.  Features an overall height of 6 feet and 7 inches (2,000 mm) and a width of almost 6 feet (1,819 mm).
  • The short turning radius of 10 feet (3,190 mm) enables it to maneuver into normally inaccessible spaces for chores around a property.


KIOTI tractor
The pitch:  Based on the KIOTI CK35, the DS3510 compact utility tractor offers many of the same features while looking out for the end user money strapped by today’s challenging economy. 

  • 34-hp Daedong diesel engine.
  • Four-wheel drive, power steering, wet disc brakes, rear differential lock, an adjustable seat, foldable ROPS and seat belts.
  • Available options include front and rear counterbalancing weights, a canopy and a single remote hydraulic valve, in addition to implements and attachments.


BigDog Mowers T-series walk-behind
The pitch: The BigDog T-series walk-behind mower features the PowerBar Steering System and easy hand operated deck lift.

  • All T-Series mowers come equipped with Kawasaki FS engines, available in 16-24 hp.
  • Comes with a 36-, 48-, or 54-inch deck and an optional electric start on the 54-inch, 24-hp model.
  • No daily lube points, and integrated serviceable ZT2800 transmissions.
  • 18-inch or 20-inch drive tires and a 3.6-gallon fuel capacity.


ER12 Rammer engine
The pitch: Subaru’s new ER12 Rammer engine is a 3-hp, 4-stroke engine that features a carefully balanced and engineered design, and is exclusively intended for the demanding application of rammers.

  • The overhead cam (OHC) provides improved engine performance without adding extra weight.
  • The OHC technology allows the intake and exhaust valves to be positioned to offer lower resistance for the air/fuel mixture flow.
  • The vertical cylinder design is slim and compact, and maintains a center of gravity to effectively transmit power to the ground.


Stadium 80

The pitch: Gravely offers the Stadium 80 sprayer to its growing line of turf machinery.

  • The compact design has an 80-gallon, low profile tank designed for maximum visibility.
  • A lockable spill tank lid with anti-siphon fill and low center of gravity helps prevent chemical spills.
  • Available with an engine-driven Silver Series roller or 12-volt electric diaphragm pump.
  • Features a spray gun, 25-foot hose and a low-maintenance, 10-foot, three-way folding boom with electric on and off controls.