HMI adds three tree service providers to Authorized Member Network

Ickes Tree Service, Enviro Tree Service and Integrity Tree Service join HMI's AM Network.

February 23, 2010

HMI announced that three tree service providers have joined its Authorized Member (AM) Network. The companies are Ickes Tree Service, Enviro Tree Service, and  Integrity Tree Service.

Ickes Tree Service will support HMI's programs in the Southern Alabama market. HMI provides property owners, insurers and others with inspections, replacement costs and a full suite of claims support services for trees and shrubs. HMI has established a national network of arborists and professional tree care companies to support these products and services.

"Ickes Tree Service is an important addition to HMI's network," said Doug Malawsky, executive vice president and COO of HMI. "Having a top tier company in an area exposed to tropical storms and hurricanes is very valuable to our insurance clients. Ickes Tree Service has been providing professional work for over 30 years and represents the quality of service that we are promoting to insurance companies and property owners alike. Recruiting highly credentialed companies in our network like Ickes Tree, allows us to create tree service programs for large insurers that are designed to stream work to our network members."

"HMI is doing a lot to support quality tree care companies," said Gary Ickes the owner of Ickes Tree Service. "During storm season our area is inundated with unprofessional companies. As a result, HMI is investing a tremendous amount of time and effort to educate the insurance industry on the importance of choosing the right tree company. We are excited to be a part of HMI's network and taking advantage of the many benefits we receive from participating in the insurance programs HMI has established in the Gulf States."

Enviro Tree Service will support HMI's programs in the Central Florida market.

"Enviro is a top tier company that is rapidly expanding its footprint throughout Florida," said Malawsky. "We have known the principals from Enviro for a few years and were overjoyed when they established Enviro. Enviro is seeing amazing success, even in the current economy, and it serves some of the biggest commercial businesses in the state. We are pleased to support this up-and-coming tree care company. Enviro is a great example of a young company balancing professionalism and aggressive commercial growth."

"As a new company, we have successfully established our business by maintaining high standards of safety, professionalism, and quality customer service," said Josh Tankersley, President of Enviro Tree Service. "A major challenge for all professional tree care companies is maintaining those high standards while remaining competitive in a market saturated with unqualified tree service providers. HMI is a great supporter of our efforts. We believe HMI benefits the whole industry by being a vocal proponent of high standards of tree care to its insurance clientele."

Integrity Tree Service has joined the AM Network to support HMI's programs in the Metro Phoenix market.

"Integrity Tree Service is an important new partner for HMI," said Malawsky. "Phoenix and Scottsdale are rapidly growing markets for our insurance clients. As Arizona's first TCIA accredited tree care company, Integrity will allow us to meet our clients' needs with the highest level of professionalism. Integrity has built a great reputation in the 20+ years that it has been operating and is a valuable addition to our national network."

"HMI is working hard to turn the tide for companies like ours by educating the insurance industry about the value of working with professional companies and we are happy to support that endeavor," said John Eisenhower, President of Integrity Tree Service. "A key challenge we face today is being underbid by unprofessional firms which have no insurance and little experience. By building a national network of top tree care companies, HMI is working to promote higher standards in the tree care industry."

Members of HMI's AM Network provide property owners with risk mitigation services, tree repair and replacement services and all other services related to tree claims and tree damage recovery. Other services include tree and debris removal, reports to support subrogation actions, and replacement costs for lost trees and shrubs. AM Network members receive work referrals and discounted pricing on HMI's treeFacts Reports, including customized Report covers. In addition, HMI's treeFacts Inventory Software is made available exclusively to HMI's AM Network.