LawnShark displays ESeries sweepers at GIE+EXPO

LawnShark displays ESeries sweepers at GIE+EXPO

The ESeries product uses rotating paddle brushes and cyclonic suction.

October 23, 2019

GENEVA, Neb. – At this year's GIE+EXPO, LawnShark USA displayed its leaf and litter vacuum system, the LawnShark ESeries, which first launched in 2018.

The ESeries product uses rotating paddle brushes and cyclonic suction. Combined with the brushwood thrasher and a six-bladed, saw-toothed mulching impeller, it reduces and discharges organic matter such as leaves, twigs and thatch. This also includes difficult debris like nuts and sweet gum balls. Inorganic matter such as aluminum cans, plastic bottles and paper products are easily reduced. The reduction rate increases efficiency and decreases bagging cycles.

Lawnshark USA currently offers a few models which use this technology:

1. The LawnShark ESeries – 42-inch is designed for large estates, country clubs, municipalities, college campuses and more. The LawnShark ES42 features a fingertip control and optional sulky enhance ease of use.
2. The LawnSharkESeries – 32 inch is designed with accessibility in mind for professional-grade jobs requiring high performance in difficult and tight areas, with the ability to enter 36-inch gated properties, eliminate raking and tarping leaves in tough-to-reach areas.

3. The LawnSharkESeries – 24 inch is designed for affordability. Matched with the powertrain of a snow blower, this new design can lengthen the seasonal usage and provide extended production runs of the powertrain.

“Enhancing client productivity is the primary goal behind the LawnShark redesign. All ESeries models
are self-propelled and puts the user in control of how quickly the job gets done,” said Jeffery Hile, co-owner
of the company. “It is an extremely high performance collection system with a multitude of uses

on hard or artificial surfaces, or even gravel."

The LawnShark ESeries product line can be found through the company's distribution partners.