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When you email someone a question, sometimes a simple acknowledgement that the person on the other end received your message can be all that you need, at least in the short term.

Our cover story this month features a company that has hit $3 million in its first few years of operating. There are a number of reasons the company has been successful, but one thing in particular stuck with me.

Brian Horn, editor, Lawn & Landscape

Co-owner Mike DiFabbio talks about a mentor and former boss who really helped DiFabbio learn about networking and communication.

There’s some good stuff about building relationships and that process is more important than the actual sale.

But one thing he said stood out and it’s something we all can do to be better communicators.

“When someone sends you an email and needs something, and maybe you don’t have the answer right now, don’t wait until you have the answer to get back to them,” he says. “‘Let me work on it and I’ll get back to you by this time,’ instead of waiting two or three days and then replying back with the answer.”

I had someone do this to me recently and I felt like the most important person in the room. Granted, I was in my office by myself, but you get the point. By just acknowledging my email instead of waiting 3 days to reply, I immediately felt I was a priority to that person.

Most of you probably get back to clients like this, but maybe within the company, you aren’t as speedy.

For me, there’s a balance between emails I don’t have an answer for, and ones I want to take time to reply with a thoughtful answer.

But that time might not come available until a couple of days later. I’d be better served to respond with, “I need to take care of a couple of urgent tasks, but I will get back to you in a day or two.” Something to let them know they are a priority.

We all have flooded inboxes. Next time you get an email and you don’t know how to respond, just let them know they are on your radar, and an answer is coming soon. – Brian Horn

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