Aim for an incredible team of employees

Aim for an incredible team of employees

U.S. Lawns president shares ways to build an ideal company culture.

January 5, 2018
Ken Hutcheson

So many business owners believe the secret to success is working harder, putting in longer hours and investing in more tools, technology and people. While some measure of each contributes to a good team, if you’re aiming for an incredible team that endures, there are ways to get there without exhausting all your resources.

Everyone knows building and nurturing client relationships is important, particularly in a service-based industry. But it goes far deeper, and it starts with the business owner. Your success comes from who you are, not only what you do.

Over the years, I’ve had more than a few people respond to this philosophy with something along the lines of: “I’m not sure I agree with you. My customers don’t care about me; they only care about what I can do for them.”

So let me share a very basic truth: You can’t fake it. If what you’re doing doesn’t feed your innermost passion then you shouldn’t be doing it, because no one is going to buy into it if you don’t.

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