Hunter Industries acquires Senninger Irrigation

The two companies have been in a strategic partnership since 2004.

January 6, 2016

SAN MARCOS, Calif. – Hunter Industries and Senninger Irrigation have announced the acquisition of Senninger Irrigation by Hunter Industries, effective January 4. Hunter and Senninger have been strategic partners since 2004 through an OEM relationship. 

"Our history of success together as separate organizations provides a solid indicator of our positive future as a unified team. We mutually respected and admired each other as reputable companies and felt if we came together, we could learn from each other, realize economies of scale, and be stronger than if we operated separately," said Senninger President James Burks.
This acquisition adds to Hunter's growing revenue stream through expansion into Senninger's markets. "Hunter and Senninger combine to create a very talented team of engineers and manufacturing professionals. We are very excited about working together with their teams to bring innovations to our shared channels," said Greg Hunter, CEO at Hunter.
"There has been an opportunity for both companies, over three decades, to casually observe each other's development and behavior, providing insight into the character and reputation of each respective company, their founders and management. Cultural alignment was a key factor for both organizations in opening discussions focused on an acquisition," said Burks.