Earthquake launches two-in-one tool

Earthquake launches two-in-one tool

The Versa garden tool works as both a rototiller and cultivator.

CUMBERLAND, Wis. – Earthquake has introduced the VERSA, a two-in-one garden tool that works both as a rototiller and cultivator. A 21-inch front tine tiller, VERSA turns into an 11-inch cultivator with tool-less removal of its outer tines and shields.

"As a 21-inch-wide front tine tiller, VERSA delivers the power to break new ground and prepare garden beds in the spring," said Kirk Hyatt, product line manager, Earthquake, the lawn and garden division of Ardisam. "The poly Tufflex side shields and outer tines are easily removed, without tools, converting VERSA from a full-size tiller into a narrow 11-inch-wide cultivator for controlling weeds, aerating soil between growing plants, and maintaining planting beds and crop rows in summer."

Side shields can be removed, and tine width can be adjusted from 21 inches to 16 or 11 inches.

The tool is equipped with a Viper 99cc engine to save gas and reduce operating costs.

New Tufflex poly side shields are easy to remove with no tools and the shields are tough and durable. Also, the shape of the Tufflex side shields is designed to direct churned soil downward.