Target Specialty Products launches Turf Fuel MZ-23

Target Specialty Products launches Turf Fuel MZ-23

The product is designed to improve plant resiliency and strength.


SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif.  – Target Specialty Produc has launched Turf Fuel MZ-23, a product designed for turf professionals to strengthen plants and turf’s overall performance.

The product was created using a combination of auxin-loaded sea kelp, potassium phosphite, manganese and zinc designed to improve turf’s color, resiliency and overall performance.

 “Our Turf Fuel products are developed to serve a specific purpose, provide exceptional performance and a great value to turf professionals,” said Mark Jull, head of turf fuel products’ division, at Target Specialty Products.

"Thanks to MZ-23’s innovative and powerful ingredient portfolio, turf will get to new levels of strength and health,” said Steve Loveday, turf fuel nutritional product development manager.  “Along with manganese, zinc and phosphite, MZ-23 also contains a high dose of our proprietary root driving sea kelp and nutrient uptake aid which allows for better absorption of ALL nutrients in the spray tank. Better absorption, better color, healthier turf”

Turf Fuel MZ-23 will be distributed through Target Specialty Products.

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