First LandOpt Contractor in Indiana

Eagle Creek Nursey acquired exclusive license rights, continuing the Network's expansion.

February 19, 2014

Pittsburgh, Penn. – By acquiring exclusive LandOpt license rights in Indianapolis, Eagle Creek Nursery becomes the first Powered by LandOpt Contractor in the state of Indiana, continuing the Network’s expansion. 

As a LandOpt Contractor, Eagle Creek will implement systems and processes intended to improve overall business performance and fuel continued growth. Among other elements, LandOpt will introduce a professional, role-driven structure along with a proactive sales culture via their multi-disciplinary transformation approach that includes on-site coaching, role-specific training and peer networking.

Situated on more than 50 acres in Central Indiana, Eagle Creek was established by John W. Esterline in 1925 as a family-owned and operated business. Today, they provide both design/build and maintenance services for commercial and residential customers, and also operate a full-service nursery specializing in large and unusual plant material, as well as a retail garden center. The company is helmed by a fourth generation Esterline family management team, among which is President Mark Esterline. 

Mark Esterline admitted that, as the co-owner of a well-established business, he was initially hesitant to proceed with an approach that touted “increased professionalism,” believing that term to be synonymous with “less personal.”

“We pride ourselves on our long-standing customer relationships and in being a local business whom our customers know and trust,” the owner noted. “By implementing the LandOpt System we’ve come to realize that we will not only maintain those same strong relationships, but will also add much needed structure and processes that will only serve to enhance our customers’ overall experience.” 

As a family business entering its fourth generation of ownership, the Esterline family felt the time was right to examine the company’s growth strategy and implement some changes. 

“For us, continued success is tied to continued growth. Adopting a more systematic approach company-wide will fuel that growth,” Mark noted. “By creating this structure, our goal is to not only sustain our level of success, but to allow this business to flourish into the fifth generation and beyond.” 

According to LandOpt President & CEO Tim Smith, Eagle Creek Nursery fits the mold of an ideal LandOpt Contractor. 

“Companies that are strong and successful in their own right are exactly what we are looking for,” he noted. “The Esterline lineage has yielded a company that has enjoyed consistent growth for decades.  Yet, change is not without challenge and this fourth generation of leadership understands well that their continued success is dependent upon their ability to focus on their business processes and practices in order to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.”

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