Membership website caters to contractors

Contractors pay a yearly fee for access to manufacturers' prices.

February 21, 2017

Contractor Supply Club is a membership website that sells parts and tools to lawn and landscape contractors with zero markup.

CSC is a retailer of Oregon and Stens parts. For $99 members get access to manufacturers’ prices and a $7.99 flat-rate shipping fee per order, regardless of the number of items purchased. Non-members can use the site, and pay a $10.99 flat-rate shipping fee per order. In-stock items will ship within one business day of ordering.

“We really did our research, making sure this was something unique in the industry and not just another gimmicky ‘price club,'” said Brian Maynard, a partner in the business. “Funny enough, our biggest hurdle was people believing our prices. We are profitable on our membership access and are extremely confident that this is a transparent win-win situation for both us and our members.”

The Michigan-based business was founded by Jason Maynard. As a former contractor, he said he was frustrated with continually searching online to find parts at prices needed to stay competitive.

“On average, members save around 35 percent on their parts. They are saving a lot of money,” he says.